100% natural and organic product ranked among ten best selling supplements on Amazon



100% natural and organic product ranked among ten best selling supplements on Amazon Plantation, FL Lifestyle Research Labs, a company based in South Florida, has announced that

their Lean Garcinia Cambogia Extract for weight-loss & appetite control has ranked among ten best selling products in the Supplement’s category on Amazon. The company is proud that

their customers had recognised their long term commitment for marketing only 100% natural and organic products. ”Our customers know that all of our products are safe to use and

without any side effects” said Jim Rooney, head of the internet marketing department. He also said ”we were one of the first companies to recognise how important is for our customers

to not use any GMO organisms in any of our products”. Company has confirmed that they will continue their business model, for which they are confident that it will gain much more

significance with the customers in the future. About Lifestyle Research Labs Lifestyle Research Labs is an international multifaceted marketing company with corporate

headquarters in Plantation Florida. The Company employs workers worldwide. They specialize in internet marketing, product development and online retailing. About Garcinia

Cambogia Garcinia Cambogia is pumpkin like fruit of Garcina tree that is native to Indonesia and also grows naturally in tropical forests of southeast Asia, India and central and west

Africa. Already well known in traditional Indian medicine, it contains high levels of naturally occurring Hydroxycitric acid which helps with burning of excess body fat and

thus, with weight loss. Additional information for more information on Lean Garcinia Cambogia Extract see:



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