Christmas Promotion of Daily Yoga is starting from Dec. 20, 2013


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Summary: Daily Yoga is going to introduce its Christmas promotion for Android   applications and iOS applications soon. These applications will be coming with 50% discount from 12.20.2013 to 12.27.2013.

December 20, 2013 – Yoga has gained remarkable popularity in the niche of health and fitness. The expansion of communication media has made everyone conscious of fitness and appearance. Medications for fitness maintenance cost dearly and yet often to show desired result. Thus, people have started to flock for the benefit in yoga. Daily Yoga makes practising yoga handy and easily accessible. The Android and iOS version of Daily yoga ensure that the yoga classes are always at hand for users to access. The flexibility that such applications provide does not need mention either.

Daily Yoga www.dailyyoga.comprovides offers in Christmas and the Christmas promotion for this year is going to be introduced soon. The offer shall be available on both Android and iOS applications. The iOS application of Daily Yoga is available in both English and Japanese and the Christmas promotion shall be applicable on all applications. Daily Yoga is going to offer 50% discount on all subscriptions at Google Play and iOS version from Dec 20 to Dec 27 to let users unlock all Pros. Android users have another good story and that is the expected release of the new flexibility programme (Pro).

The applications of Daily Yoga are packed with some unique features. The Android and the iOS applications contain more than 40 yoga sessions, library with more than 300 poses and 18 background musics. The videos are in HD quality and with live voice instructions. They can be viewed in landscape as well as in full screen. The sessions are scheduled thoughtfully to provide the best training plan, which can be practised in 3 intensity modes – casual, moderate and intense. The length of videos ranges from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. These entire features ensure convenience of accessibility for users. The best part is that new yoga sessions and yoga programmes are continuously updated to the application.

In addition to the direct provision, Daily Yoga application has great yoga community, where beginners in the field can seek advice and help from the best in the industry. Incredibly, there are more than 19 postures and methods that have been described in Daily Yoga application for Android and iOS. The company has been involved with production of yoga applications for more than a decade and has gained expertise in various aspects of application development. The release of Christmas Promotion in Japanese language means that Japanese will also be able to learn and practice yoga in their mother language.

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Daily Yoga Inc is involved with making and releasing comprehensive and intuitive yoga training software for tablets and smart phone users. Its smart phone applications are counted among the top rated healthcare & fitness applications for both Android and iOS. The company has the philosophy to incorporate yoga into lifestyle rather than a periodic fantasy.


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