DigiExpress Prepares for New Devices


TARENTUM, Pa. — DigiExpress, the leader in iPod, iPad and iPhone repair, is increasing its educational process with technicians in preparation for new Apple devices.

Apple announced on Sept. 10, 2013 that two new iPhones will hit the market on Sept. 20, and will feature a number of new features.

The introduction of new features means that Apple has included new parts to its latest iPhone models. Due to this, repair companies such as DigiExpress, will need to not only obtain the new parts, but also train their technicians to repair those devices.

iPhone technicians at DigiExpress have already started to study the specifications and design of the two newest models in preparation for future repairs.

Learning how to repair a new device is a multi-step process for DigiExpress technicians.

First, they learn the new features and what parts control certain functions.

Second, they obtain a device to perform a “breakdown” of the device, which is essentially opening the iPhones and studying the layout and connections of each part.

Once those steps are completed, DigiExpress can then determine the best source for repair parts and begin to carry them in stock.

While the process seems like it isn’t overly difficult, it does take some time.

“When new devices hit the market, DigiExpress definitely prides itself on being able to perform those repairs as soon as possible,” said Craig Clawson, company spokesman. “In today’s world, it’s almost a guarantee that within the first day or two of a release, we have a customer that has already damaged the device.

“Because of this, it’s very important that our technicians are prepared to handle those situations. We provide them with time to train and learn the devices inside and out, both on paper and by obtaining a test device.”

DigiExpress technicians receive ample training time prior to a device’s release so when the first damaged devices begin to show up, the company is ready.

When asked if the company will be prepared for the new devices when they start to arrive at the facility, Clawson said, “We’ll definitely be ready. You can count on that!”

To learn more about DigiExpress, its locations, or its mail-in service, visit www.digiexpress.us.

Contact: Craig Clawson – (724) 472-4405 or [email protected]

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