“Dino Gold” Bitcoin Slots in Bitoomba is Finally Released


The most innovative bitcoin slot machine online is officially here, the Bitoomba’s “Dino Gold” Bitcoin Slots. With its brilliant theme, it will surely bring anyone back to the dinosaur age together with the big chances of earning golden bitcoins. Hence, this latest addition to Bitoomba Casino is expected to outshine other bitcoin slot machines in the cyber world.

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“Dino Gold” Bitcoin Slots aims to bring the real feel of Dino age with its outstanding graphics and game platform. In addition to that, its concept conveys the motif of mystery and adventure, and by getting the right pattern combinations players will get the chance of winning big in its every spin.

“Dino Gold” Bitcoin slots is the most innovative bitcoin slot machine as aside from its excellent platform and graphics, it offers the best bitcoin slots experience in its most convenient way. “Dino Gold” has a great pay table which clearly and neatly shows the combinations with the corresponding amount of winnings players will have upon hitting the lucky patterns. More than that, the possible patterns players must aim for are shown in the comprehensible visuals.

Playing “Dino Gold” Bitcoin Slots at Bitoomba is easy and speedy. However, unlike Bitoomba Roulette, players must first register by providing a username, email address, as well as password; therefore, complete anonymity is still a hundred percent guaranteed.

After the registration, players are now allowed to make a deposit with a minimum of 1BTC which is equivalent to 100 bitoombas (credits). Bitoomba offers two methods of payment, first is by sending the amount to the wallet address given or second, scan the QR code provided. Then, when a confirmation is received, it means that the players are now allowed to spin and win. Players can play up to 30 lines to increase their odds winning big.

Indeed, Bitoomba Casino’s newest and finest addition “Dino Gold” Bitcoin Slots is a must-try bitcoin casino game. Aside from being the most innovative bitcoin slot, it is expected to spin and win players’ interests with the earnings and surprises it brings.

About Bitoomba

This crypto-currency online casino was established in early 2013. It accepts two primary types of payments, Bitcoin and Litecoins. Its main goal is to provide its players ’a fair, fun, and anonymous way to play.’ Also, the games offered are proprietary software developed by them. And to provide transparency, it runs a Random Number Generator (RNG).



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