DiverGuard Makes an Excellent Underwater Lifesaving Gift This Holiday!



DiverGuard, a recently released diving apparatus designed to save divers in case of respiratory distress, even if a fellow diver is unaware of one’s condition, is certain to make it to the top of the gift-giving list this year for divers.

“Saving lives is everybody business, no matter where you are, and if you are a diver this is even more important. For that reason, we developed the DiverGuard, a new lifesaving dive apparatus, which has put back the confidence and fun in diving. Whether it is for recreational or business purposes DiverGuard is an excellent gift item,” says DiverGuard CEO, Netanel Raisch.

“Divers usually like to use new diving equipment, and we are certain this will make a great gift for the holiday, and it is available in our website for only $299” adds Netanel, who points to the fact even though many divers already have all the diving gear, safety always comes first.

DiverGuard is a unique diving safety device that alerts your diving buddy in emergency situations. If your diving buddy can’t hear the DiverGuard alarm and can’t handle the situation the DiverGuard starts standard “Buoyant Emergency Ascent” and brings the diver to the surface.


DiverGuard operates in three basic operational modes:

Firstly, if the diver in distress needs to draw his buddy’s attention for assistance: The diver presses the reset button to activate the alarm, thus alerting a fellow diver for assistance.

Secondly, if the diver stops breathing for 40 seconds and is unable to activate the alarm, DiverGuard will alert the diver and his buddy for 20 seconds using visible and audible alarms. Either party does not press the reset button to cancel the alarm, the device inflates the buoyancy compensator and brings the diver to the surface, while the alarm continues until the diver or a rescuer presses the reset button. 

Thirdly, if the distressed diver exhibits signs of overexertion (rapid and shallow), DiverGuard alerts the diver and his buddy for two minutes that there is a lapse in normal breathing.

In this latter case, should the diver be unable to press on the reset button to cancel the alarm, DiverGuard automatically inflates the buoyancy compensator and brings the diver to the surface. At the surface, the distress signal will continue until the diver or a rescuer press the reset button.

Noting diving isn’t only a hobby for some people, Netanel says for many it is a way of life.

“Even the fact that divers like to get nice electronic gifts, he notes they actually prefer even more to get diving equipment. But, the issue is real divers already have all the standard diving gear, and when considering a gift, especially for real divers which already have everything they need to come up with unique gift, I believe DiverGuard will be more than a welcome addition,” explains Netanel.

DiverGuard presents two unique benefits to the diver – it makes the recipient happy and the giver will feel at peace with the certain assurance the diver will be taking extra precaution to preserve his or her life.

According to DeeperBlue, a prominent diving news website, “It is not often that a truly innovative new device comes on the SCUBA landscape, but DiverGuard is just that…. it is one of the most original and impactful safety devices to hit the underwater world in years.”

For further information about DiverGuard , please contact:

U.S. Director of Sales, Stephen Lee, [email protected]



Netanel Raisch

DiverGuard Ltd.

Email: [email protected] 

Website: http://www.diverguard.com

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDfNj9qkRGk&feature=youtu.be

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