DockOn Launches Antenna Design Services – Empowers Companies to Achieve New Levels of Wireless Performance


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DockOn Launches Antenna Design Services – Empowers Companies to Achieve New Levels of Wireless Performance

DockOn’s Antenna Design Services Provide the Technology and Engineering Expertise to Help Industrial Goods Companies Develop High-Performance Wireless Products to Special M2M Products.


SAN DIEGO, Calif., Nov. 25, 2013 – DockOn®, an innovative wireless technology startup, today announced new antenna design services aimed at helping companies develop breakthrough wireless products with maximum antenna performance.

Companies developing connected products where wireless performance is a must will find DockOn antenna design services a solution for challenging environmental problems such as underground systems, heavy metallic structures or lossy material. This new service is specifically adapted to wireless products where reliability of the communication system is a premium, such as industrial and medical applications. It can also be adjusted for existing and new wireless device manufacturers where performance is key.

DockOn’s antenna design services provide innovative CPL Antenna technology and an experienced design team to help companies develop more effective antennas. The services utilize best-in-class CPL Antennas, a true innovation in antenna science and technology that combines a loop and monopole antenna. This means dramatically more efficient and cost effective antennas for wireless devices.

With proven agile methodology, and an experienced antenna engineering team, DockOn’s deliverables-based approach ensures its customers will have a distinct competitive advantage. The services feature a simple pricing structure with open communication, removing any confusion typically associated with antenna design services.

“The shift to connected devices, such as healthcare monitoring devices and industrial monitoring systems, is a positive disruptive force for businesses around the world,” says Gregory Poilasne, CEO, DockOn. “With our expanded antenna design services, we can help more companies transform their wireless products by improving antenna performance and efficiency. Best of all, we have only just begun to realize the benefits and capabilities this transformation can deliver to our customers.”

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DockOn is a globalwireless technology company that designs and licenses high performance, high reliability front ends andantennas for high volume applications.  DockOn’s proprietary CPL solutions provide true breakthrough improvements in antenna performance, cost reduction and ease of manufacture. Revolutionary software-based design tools allow for the industry’s fastest design cycle and system integration, keeping customers in control of their own design process.  DockOn solutions, in volume production today, support a full range of fixed and mobile wireless applications, including Wi-Fi access points, smart meters, medical devices and other M2M technologies. For more information visit

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