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Vaporin, a leading brand of Electronic Cigarettes, E-vapor liquid and Vaporin Hookahs, Robert VP of North America said that it is hoping to further extend its reach among distributors, convenience retailers and Gas stations throughout the United States. “We’re looking to expand all over the United States,” said Robert Edwards, VP of North America. “Our brand works together with our distribution channels constantly to evolve the business. The company values each and every wholesale relationship and strives to provide distribution partners with the tools TV, Radio Print ads, celebrity meet and greets, VIP Vaporin only parties, Red Carpet Events and constant exciting surprises for them and there clients they need to thrive. The company constantly is introducing made in the USA and Organic products including flavored cartridges 200+ E-Liquids and accessories quarterly to boost market share, brand awareness and distributor/retailer profits.” We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our VIP events and discussing your needs.. Special TV and Radio Marketing.


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