Educational Social Network Brings Teachers, Parents and Students Together

112 is looking to create a casual learning environment for kids online.

Chicago, IL– Social networking is a trend that has quickly taken over the world in the past several years. Up until this point in time though, by and large social networking has strictly been for personal and entertainment purposes only. is looking to change that with the first educational social network of its kind.

HiFi Kids is not a testing platform, nor is it a tutor. HiFi Kids is intended to be a kind of social networking that doesn’t currently exist. It makes connections between parents, students, and teachers, and allows you to study while you’re online through peers’ or teachers’ quizzes.

By integrating into the classroom, students can casually answer quizzes while they are learning about new areas of interest for further study outside of the classroom and beyond. At HiFiKids, students, teachers and parents can work towards earning achievements and then interact with each other in a fun and challenging manner that spurs education.


Every user has their own profile where their progress is tracked and there is an appreciation feature located on every profile where users can see what different people have accomplished and you can give them praise.

By using HiFi Kids in your classrooms and with your teachers, you could find a spike in informational retention, in test performance, and in responsiveness. The SAT early preparation class that is located on the site can be of great help in guaranteeing a fun, user friendly environment that will help raise the scores on the final exam. HiFi Kids could be exactly what you need to make this school year a great one for your district.

For more information and to sign up for free, simply visit

About is an online educational networking platform where students of all ages, parents and teachers collaboratively come together in a safe and friendly networking environment to educate each other via quiz submissions and answering quizzes. Friends see each other’s quizzes on the wall and answer each other’s quizzes on the wall to gain points. Teachers can create their own professional public/private or paid classes where students get to practice their curriculum. Teachers and parents get to see the student’s performance in real time using our world-class statistics feature.


Contact the founder of Mr. Tushar Sayankar for any questions at [email protected].


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