Elite Manners Releases a Diverse Range of Full Fledged Etiquette Training Curriculums & Etiquette Instructor Courses



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Elite Manners Releases a Diverse Range of Full Fledged Etiquette Training Curriculums & Etiquette Instructor Courses

Elite Manners, a full service international etiquette and manners training school has just released an exciting range of curriculums that cover a wide range of etiquette training for both adults and children. Liz Stover, founder and owner of Elite Manners has personally designed and orchestrated each one of these training curriculums, all in close conjunction with her personal motto, a cleverly worded one at that, one that says “Changing the world, one well-mannered young lady at a time”.

One can access the various etiquette training curriculums and learn more about the Elite Manners organization at their official website, located at http://www.elitemanners.com/.

About the etiquette training curriculums at Elite Manners

As mentioned earlier, Elite Manners offers etiquette training courses that offer etiquette training to both adults and children.

Etiquette training courses at Elite Manners include

·         Gracious Living for Young Girls of ages 8-12

·         Gracious Living for Young Ladies of ages 13-22

·         Dining Etiquette

·         Business Etiquette

·         Summer Camp Etiquette

·         Social Etiquette

·         Princess Power in 24 Hours

·         Several other specialized, highly specific etiquette training modules

About Liz Stover, founder of Elite Manners

Elite Manners is an etiquette institution founded by Liz Stover, a certified etiquette professional who holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, with concentration in Public Personnel Management. Liz, who also holds a Bachelors in Economics was fascinated and driven by etiquette training lessons, even at a very young age.

After seeing a dearth in etiquette training resources, Liz decided to fill the void by stepping in as a trainer herself, to create Elite Manners, a professional institution that would eventually train hundreds and hundreds of young women in the fine art of etiquette training, etiquette taught for all occasions.

Instructor Training Curriculums at Elite Manners

Besides offering curriculums that allow young girls and young women to learn etiquette training in a systematic, streamlined manner, Elite Manners also offers training curriculums that allow just about anyone to become a professional etiquette trainer.

Instructor training modules for etiquette training includes information products that will advise interested parties about various aspects of running an etiquette training business, aspects that include choosing a corporation type, scheduling hours, pricing structures, cost structures and so on. Elite Manners also offers step-by-step training curriculums that come with readymade workbooks, so instructors have course material that they can readily use to educate young girls and women, once they have enrolled in etiquette training classes.

All etiquette training curriculums at Elite Manners are available in instantly accessible digital format and can also be availed as a physical product that will be shipped out in the mail. To access, learn about or just browse the etiquette training curriculums at Elite Manners, one can visit http://www.elitemanners.com/.

About Elite Manners

Elite Manners is a one-of-a-kind training institution that focuses on imparting education that will allow young girls and women to learn the fine art of etiquette, in all its forms. Besides offering training curriculums that come complete with student teacher handbooks, Elite Manners also offers information products that allow interested parties to learn how to become a professional etiquette trainer.

NOTE TO EDITORS: For more information, review copies, image requests or to schedule an interview with Liz Stover, please contact Liz Stover of Elite Manners at [email protected]

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