Give The Gift Of Education To A Child This Christmas!


< ![endif]-->While children are sure to receive an overwhelming amount of toys and cute clothing, consider giving an interactive, and customizable educational video instead.


NATIONWIDE, —While buying infants and toddlers the cute and colorful toys of the season is fun and easy to do—why not consider giving a gift that will last a lifetime? While infants and toddlers will have a favorite toy of the week, or the month, the interest in them is often fleeting, or gets lost in the sea of toys they receive each Christmas. If you are beginning your holiday shopping and are looking for a unique gift to give to the infants and toddlers on your holiday shopping list, consider a fun educational video from MYTV BABY.

MYTV BABY allows children to be the stars of their own educational videos, and to encourage bond-building they use mom’s and dad’s voices throughout their videos. The videos can be designed around a customized theme such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, zoo animals, nature, wildlife, food, and family.

“At MYTV BABY, we provide infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with age-appropriate visual, audio, and interactive stimulation, which utilizes both the left side and the right side of a child’s brain. We make one-of-a-kind, fully customizable, colorful video learning tools—and to make things even more fun, your entire family can star in your child’s video!” MYTV BABY Founder Christine Gayle

MYTV BABY has revolutionized education for infants and toddlers by making learning fun, creative, and by getting the entire family involved. Their videos are ideal for implementing creative learning for your children. They can also be used for entertainment to comfort children while with a babysitter, and during playtime with friends and family members. Children respond best when presented with their own image on the screen, and with the voices in their life that they know and love.

“Our educational videos are not only tools for your children to learn while they play, but the memories you capture in your custom video will last a lifetime!” MYTV BABY Founder Christine Gayle

To learn more about how you can order a custom-made “Teaching and Learning with MYTV BABY” video for the infants and toddlers on your holiday shopping list, go to today.


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