Help us employ homeless youth by shoping on-line! Provide Jobs for many and help pay it forward


Youth Homelessness – a community issue with no real solutions.

We have effective solutions and need your help!

What we do

  • We give Jobs to Homeless & At Risk youth directly off our streets.
  • We help our kids apply important principles, job and life skills then teach them to take action.
  • When ready, we help place them into better jobs within the community with our community partners.

  • These steps lead to Independence for these youth – Releasing our community from financial support.

This goes directly to the heart of our community issues to reduce homelessness, crime, drug use, family disruptions and wasted tax dollars:)


Making progress early on 🙂

We hope you fall in love with our dream and solutions:~)

Our story

We started giving jobs to homeless youth through community garage sales in Springfield MO 16 months ago and it quickly grew to a thrift store and then to an Incredible Thrift Super-Center.

Welcome to IncredibleThrift!

“We turn your junk into jobs for homeless youth” 

We help at risk youth become strong and independent through the application of critical principles like Habits, Integrity, Giving Back and the development of a Clear Life Purpose (detailed goals)We also teach our youngsters a variety of job and life skills.

Almost like a dream we have witnessed youth after youth go through our program and graduate to full/part time positions with other companies (Partners). But more than the new jobs, they are moving on with dreams, goals and plans! They also move on with determination and courage to face life on its own terms.

How we Work for our youth

It took no time at all before word was out.  We had  a string of youth (16-23) coming into our store saying “Can you help me with a job?” or “Will you give me a chance?” Regardless of their appearance we accept each youth with dignity and respect. Many of these in the beginning are homeless, lacking hygiene, unemployable.

We offer clean clothes, food and a job. We now pay our kids $8 an hour for a few hours a day so that they can take care of their basic daily needs. 

We first ask “how much effort are you willing to give for what you want? ” We then clearly explain how much effort success takes then ask if they are ready to take action? “Yes!” they always cry.  No other principle can replace action and realistic expectations help.

Why We need Your Help – How the Money will be used

Our current facilities will support 20 to 25 youth daily yet our current budget only allows us to help 3-5 of these kids. We have a huge waiting list of desperate kids!50% of funds raised will be placed directly in our youth employment fund allowing us to immediately employ more youth. 

We have detailed plans for a 10k sq ft recycling warehouse. “Going Green” is our planet’s future and need. Our focus will be on recycling computers, monitors, metals, plastics, old TV’s and paper.  40% of the funds raised go directly into our new recycling  program.  Warehouse, tools and equipment.  We also need a Truck and Trailer. This will help us create 25+ monthly Jobs.


“OL Betsy” is temperamental and cant go more than 20 miles without having to take a 2 hour break! She also likes to take in water. She has served us well but needs help quickly 🙂

“I  Want Real Solutions” is our mentorship program.  We need less than 5% of the funds to make this dream  a reality 🙂 We  feel  like we have the “formula”  to touch lives. We wish to duplicate our program in communities everywhere.

Another priority is our Application & Fee’s for 501c(3) Status. This important (not-for-profit) status will allow us to take our program to the next level with the benefit of grants and  favorable tax status. Less than 2% of funds- includes grant writing services.

More Info

We love to pay it forward!

We serve our community by offering very nice clothing for .99 Cents on a regular basis. We have built our Incredible Thrift program without any funding or grants – a “self supporting” business model. We have developed 3 income streams for our program – Our $.99 Cent Thrift Store, On-line Sales and our “Green” Recycling Program.  We are currently building an on-line thrift store (with shipping and pick up options) so people can shop with us 24/7! Today we are 75% self supporting and will be 100% soon.

Describing our Impact is difficult. The successes are great but so are the challenges

“Thanks Incredible Thrift!” Mike & Jared
Both recently took positions with Sam’s Club!

“Incredible Thrift has given me hope” Aaron

Hi Community, Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

My name is James Bruggeman. I too am a miracle who has survived family addiction, homelessness and other great challenges. I understand how it feels and know what it takes to make lasting changes.

Tennille Chapa. Much of our success is due to her. She is a tireless worker with experience and determination!

We thank our kids, community, supporters, friends and family!

Our gratitude is enormous and hope you feel it 🙂

 James & Tennille  We see ourselves as humble community servants with more than 25 years experience in the field of recovery, outreach and business. We hope our passion and dedication shows. We love to drive to the river during our rare times off ~ 10 minutes away ~ we enjoy our family (Dogs Pink & Lil Boy- kids are grown:)

 A Selfie 🙂

  Pink & Lil Boy

 Our Free Time


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Thanks Again from the Family Outreach Network!

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