iCARRYALLS Handbag Contest



 iCARRYALLS Handbag Contest

Everyone is invited to join the iCarryAlls Handbag contest to have a chance of winning great prizes from iCarryAlls.

A lot of people love purchasing the latest in designer handbags. On the other hand, there are those who can’t afford to buy one because of money matters. Now, everyone has the chance to have high quality and remarkable handbags as iCarryAlls partnered with Valerie to create the contest for the iCarryAlls handbags in Polyvore.

Joining iCarryalls handbag contest is very easy. In order to qualify for the contest, participants need to make a set with an iCarryAlls handbag. The first place winner has the chance to get a 50 dollars giftcard promotional code to the iCaryyall website. In making a set, participants should make sure to have at least one featured handbag. The set should also hold the logo of iCarryAlls website.  The winner will be rewarded with 50 dollars worth of giftcard to the iCarryAlls website. Make sure that the set is creative and stunning to enhance the possibility of winning.

iCarryAlls bags are stylish and sophisticated, suitable for busy professionals. From sleek, colorful laptop sleeves as well as superb and pleasing to the eye portfolios to travel bags made of leather and comfortable shoulder bags, they have just the best accessory to suit the needs of everyone. Lots of their portfolios and padfolios are even accessible in left hand series that provide the finest comfort and ease of use to everyone. iCarryAlls is the only company the provides lots of custom options.  All of these can be obtained through participating in the iCarryAlls handbag contest.

About iCarryAlls Handbags

Started last 2009, iCarryAlls is now becoming one of the most popular handbag dealers all throughout the world. iCarryAlls specializes in customized and premium leather handbags, tote bags and cases for laptop and other electronic devices. The company caters to on the go experts who are attempting to stay organized while securing an air of sophistication and competence.

Please call iCarryAlls for more information or any queries regarding their products and the process of ordering. The company would love to hear from their clients and it’s their pleasure to assist customers with their order. Call their customer hotline number for more details regarding the ongoing iCarryAlls handbag contest.


Web site: www.icarryalls.com

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Contact Information:  1 855 892 1948

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