Live Life and Play The Paleo Way: A Beginner’s Guide to the Cave Man diet.


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Live Life and Play The Paleo Way. A Beginner’s Guide to the Cave Man Diet.


Fun to Read Book, Live Life and Play, The Paleo Way, A Beginner’s Guide to the Cave Man Diet,  can help you live a longer, healthier more energetic life!


Australian self-help author, psychologist and hypnotist Cris Jones recently released his fifth book – Live Life and Play The Paleo Way. A Beginner’s Guide to the Cave Man Diet.. This book is designed for the person who has tried every “diet” around and now feels ready to make a real change in their eating habits, their energy and their life.


Full of Information


The Paleo Diet is full of information about the origins of this popular diet and what this eating style is really about. But the book itself admits that the word “diet” is not a very positive one. In the text Jones encourages the reader to make lifestyle changes that will lead to a lifetime of better health, better appearance and more happiness.  He prefers the term eating regime over “diet”.


Written to be Easy on the Eyes


Live Life and Play The Paleo Way. A Beginner’s Guide to the Cave Man Diet., Jones says, was meant to be read by the masses, so he made it easy to read, even a bit entertaining in spots, and simple in concept. The idea was not for Cris to try to impress everyone with every bit of research on dieting, but rather to do the footwork for the reader, to put, in one convenient text, a plethora of information about human nutrition, the impact that our eating habits have on our bodies, and tips for making better decisions about what we consume.


The Point of View of a Hypnotist


As a professional hypnotist Cris knows the importance of mind over matter. Using his training to speak to the reader Cris explains what nutrition our body needs and how the choices that we make every day impact our bodies.


Cris knows that for a person to follow a diet it has to be easy. Too many fad diets emphasize total abstinence from whole food groups, eating exact amounts of certain foods or timing your meals just right. But Cris makes eating well seem easy with simple tips such as, “Don’t worry about buying special foods or timing all your meals. Just choose natural, healthy foods and eat when you are hungry. That’s the Paleo way!” Cris also gives more specific tips, such as, “cook food using healthful oil such as olive oil” instead of vegetable oil.


Pick up a Copy on Amazon Today


Get your copy of Live Life and Play The Paleo Way. A Beginner’s Guide to the Cave Man Diet. for just a few dollars on  ( With the free Kindle reading app you can download the book and start reading it immediately and be on your way to a healthier you by the time you eat your next meal.



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