LocalSEORanker.com Follows Google’s Lead By Offering a Free Local Search Engine Optimization Online Video Guide For Local Businesses


Local SEO Ranker is offering this  Local SEO Guide in hopes of helping business owners to be competitive in the relatively new world of online marketing for small to mid-sized business owners.  It follows Google’s new effort with the website GBYO.com, which stands for Get Your Business Online.


Back Ground

Many small to mid-sized business owners have been squeezed during the recent, turbulent economic environment.  The effect has been much more impactful on these business owners when compared to the big corporations.  When marketing dollars are stretched do to a drop in business, people have to make the tough decision on how to continue to generate business through marketing efforts, while still meeting all of the other financial obligations of running a business.


Company Message

President of the LocalSEORanker.com, Rob Gelhausen, “We wanted to show business owners that there are many SEO operations that they, or an employee, can do that do not take much time, are free, and will improve their Local Search Rankings.  This will drive more customers and more sales.  This guide takes you step by step, day by day, through optimizing your website and business for the new world of marketing, and best of all it is free.”


Looking Forward

Business owners have started to realize that the new online economy and marketing machine can bring them more business than they ever dreamed.  The difficult part of the equation is knowing how to make it happen and how to sustain it.  There is so much information out there and so many people saying so many things.



This local SEO guide and Google’s efforts with G+ is a great step in the direction of getting every local business competitive online no matter what their marketing budget is.


To learn more about this Free Local SEO Guide go to http://LocalSEORanker.com.



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