New Kindness Platform Gives People The Power To Change!



A mobile platform that lets people make enough money to colonize Mars by simply being kind, when live online today at

According to the site’s spokesperson, Michael Haddad, is “Revolutionary. It’s certainly the first kindness platform ever.”

Adding how cool a tool is, Michael says it not only gives people a chance to be good, but also is definitely a consistent fund generator for charities.

Nothing that it also a job creation platform for the community, the spokesperson says it simply gives people “the power to create change every time they spend.”

Aimed at social enterprise, grassroots movements, charities, feed children, heart defibrillator, and students, the new Indiegogo-sponsored Kindness Platform campaign, is designed to engender a spirit of patriotism.  Support us here:

“Supporting out Kindness Platform is akin to an American citizen doing his or her patriotic duties, a right of one’s citizenship,” says Michael, who believes the platform will help people convert their daily spending into “acts of kindness.”

For further information how the “Kindness Platform” works, please visit, Huntington Beach, CA, USA (, FB/spendingshift, twitter/spendingshift)

CONTACT INFORMATION:           Michel Haddad, VP of Public Relations, [email protected]