New Recipe Book by authors Christine Orth and Sofia Pace launched on Amazon Kindle.


Christine Orth and Sofia Pace, two first-time authors based in Nipomo, CA and Phoenix, AZ, respectively, have announced the launch of their first recipe book on Amazon Kindle, titled “29 Minutes to Feast! Fast, Healthy & Delicious Recipes“. The cookbook offers a variety of quick, Click Here to readers who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and yet appreciate healthy and delicious food. The cookbook has extremely easy-to-follow recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even has a section on desserts. The book, just under 50 pages, is available for only 99 cents for a limited time on’s Kindle Bookstore online and can be ordered from and directly downloaded to one’s Kindle, tablet, cell phone, lap top or computer.

“Only eating healthy can ensure a healthy body. With our food supply being contaminated with GMO foods, there is a greater need for each one of us to be more aware of what we’re eating and where it is coming from,” say the authors of this book. “Our recipe book offers a lot more than mere recipes and can prove to be a great way to initiate anyone to eating real and healthy food. It actually is a showcase of ideas and ingredients that many of our readers may not have ever used. And that’s what makes the recipes all the more exciting and special!”

Each recipe in the book is followed by additional information to help the readers make a healthy and wonderful dish for themselves and their families. Some of the key recipes in the book include Almond Macaroons, Good Morning Smoothie, Avocado Lovers Soup, Frittata Sandwich, Spinach and Black Bean Enchilada Casserole, Crock pot Chicken Salsa among several other mouthwatering selections. All the recipes in the book are easy to follow and healthy. Each recipe highlights at least one of its ingredients, telling the readers why it is good for them.

“My personal favorite recipes in the book are Avocado Lovers Soup and Fabulous Frittata Sandwich. We have consciously chosen to focus on including only those recipes in the book, which we have been enjoying with our families for several years,” adds Sofia Pace, the co-author of the book. “Our aim was to make sure that all the recipes in our book have ample nutritional value and appeal to one’s taste buds as well and that’s the reason why we chose to write this wonderful simple book in the first place. We’ve also made sure that there are enough recipes in the book to satisfy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian readers of ours.”

With spring already here and the summer just around the corner, people will be pulled to BBQ’s, poolside parties and the beach to enjoy those long evenings. As no one would like to spend a lot of their time in the kitchen cooking, the new cookbook from authors Christine Orth and Sofia Pace is sure to come in handy!

Speaking on the inspiration for the cookbook, both authors are unanimous, “We wanted to show people that eating healthy does not have to take a lot of time or be complicated or expensive!”

Not only are these recipes quick and easy to prepare, they also pack a nutritional punch to give one’s body what it craves, all the while making sure that the person can also feel good about eating healthy.

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