Newly formed indie label Miami2Vegas focuses on the art form of DJ’s and on there next release will go strictly with vinyl records as their 4th release


“Cotton Candy Glowsticks” encompasses EDM, Hip Hop, Dance, House & Techno. “The resurgence of the younger generation embracing the culture of classic music on vinyl comes with there knowledge of great musical releases like Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors and the era when the 12″ and whole albums with great cover art were the trends.” “Youngsters nowadays are trying to reconnect with music there parents might of grown up listening to” says Omar Jefferson (label owner/artist/DJ). “There is nothing wrong with DJ’s being digital it’s just the idea of taking it back to the roots of the entire culture that has now gone totally reliant upon digital based media, it’s just physical cd’s and vinyl make for a better user experience in the long run I feel”.


Hip Hop Maniac is DJ Spank Master Boogie:


Support his #fundraising efforts via @fundrazr

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