Shark Tank Reject Has Million Dollar Idea On Go Fund Me..


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Contact: Adrienne Everett
Company: Invent 4 U Inc,
Phone: 201 564-1297
email: [email protected]

Most individuals start their morning off with a nice shower or perhaps an early morning bath. You were able to clean most of your bodily parts, but I guarantee you did not clean one very large body part. What part? your back!!

No More Dirty Backs
Due to our limited arm reach rarely do we clean our backs properly. This causes, dirt, bacteria, and fungus to become trapped deep into the backs pores. Causing, nodules, pustules, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, back acne and more.. Until Now ..

Introducing our new and Innovative Patent Pending product called: The BACKWASHER. This product was designed to help all of mankind. August 23, 2013 I traveled to Washington DC to audition for Shark Tanks. I had my one minute pitch all ready as I rehearsed my pitch over and over again. Unfortunately, I was not chosen, no call back.
However Mark Cuban & Damon Johns gave a nice inventors conference at the convention center. I’ve tried countless ways to raise funds for this amazing product, but to no avail, until now.

I’ve recently September 1st, 2014 I started a Crowd Funding Campaign through GO FUND I’m hoping that you might take the opportunity to see and learn more about this amazing product: the Backwasher at this link: With your help it can become a reality.

Thank you in advance for you time and support.
Adrienne Everett

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