Something like ‘The Note Show – Brand New Show from England’s Joshua Note interviews Jazz Pianist and Penn & Teller musical director Mike ‘Jonesy’ Jones



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‘The Note Show’ – Brand New Show From England’s Joshua Note Interviews ‘Jazz Pianist’ And Penn & Teller Musical Director Mike  ’Jonesy’ Jones

The Note Show, a brand new podcast of Joshua Note, interviews the legendary Jazz pianist and Penn And Teller musical director, Mike ‘Jonesy’ Jones. The interview goes well by talking about Mike’s new album titled ‘Plays Well With Others’. It goes on by discussing all about the trips and adventures over the years Mike has had from meeting the ‘titans of Jazz’, about finding his  endeavors from Buffalo, New York to Boston, on QE2, and finally to the Scorching Las Vegas, Nevada, right before meeting the one of a kind ‘Penn Jillette’ and ‘Mr. Teller’.

 During this episode of The Note Show with Mike Jones, avid fans had a great quality time listening to exciting interviews, questions being answered by the one and only Mike. All throughout this episode, tracks from the new Album of Mike is being played on the background. The recent interview is said to be a success, increasing ratings, and satisfying a lot of The Note Show fans.


To listen to the audio podcast – The Note Show, people can have instant access from iTunes where they will be able to download and even subscribe to the podcasts available. This excellent new podcast is becoming more and more popular as days passed because of what the program has to offer. Joshua Note is also gaining more popularity as he continues to interview various creative professionals about the different walks and aspects of life. Five episodes of The Note Show are being offered for free viewing in iTunes.

The Note Show is generating more and more loyal and satisfied listeners, and most of them considered this new podcast as one of the most excellent brand new show – where avid listeners will be able to appreciate and love each episode being provided. People love everything about the guests the show have and how they actually talk about a lot of meaningful things, topics, interviews, and discussions. The Note Show earns its name as a very interesting and compelling show – people also notice how Joshua note cares that listeners are having a great time, listening, and being entertained. Each episode has a whole new meaning in it, by interviewing interesting individuals; there is always something to look forward to from The Note Show. And it is expected that this brand new podcast will be able to offer a lot of compelling and funny interviews, which a lot of people are excited about.

Joshua Note is the name behind the new podcast – The Note Show. He’s a 25 year old ‘radio dude’ who definitely loves computer games, film, music, and loves human imagination. He makes excellent music, writes interesting books, and he works hard in order to entertain you by interviewing best talented people across the different parts of the globe. He has so much to offer especially from his new podcast, The Note Show. With this, Joshua Note is becoming a popular dude in the field of audio podcast where he is able to offer his best performance. Indeed, The Note Show is a top of the line brand new podcast.

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