The Secrets of Personality Course Launched



An online course by Vaida Bogdan, The Secrets of Personality, has been launched and is now available through the Udemy website.


November 8, 2013 – The official launch of The Secrets of Personality, an online course detailing the many facets of personality and personal development, has been announced. Created by personal development trainer Vaida Bogdan, the course is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and is suited for personal development, organizational development, individual coaching, leadership skills and team development, and individual and family counseling. About 1,000 students have already enrolled in the course.


Students can test their own personalities and through their own development can improve relationships, thrive professionally, communicate better, and achieve happiness. In addition, the course features four exercises to help understand the personality of other people. It also identifies the stresses of different personality types and teaches how to change one’s type. Another module addresses how people of different personality types can communicate with one another.


The course also provides a resource to develop “Your Personality Plan” and includes homework exercises and training with materials tailored to each individual’s  needs. It consists of 17 lectures organized into four sections, some text-based and others videos. An introductory segment is followed by Section 1: identify the personality of others, Section 2: Causes of Stress, Section 3: How to Change Your Personality Type, and Section 4: Your Personal Development Plan.


After the initial purchase, participants have access to all course materials forever. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee. The Secrets of Personality is available now for $97. It has received a 5-star rating based on many student reviews.


For more information, a free preview, and to purchase the course, go to


About Vaida Bogdan

Vaida Bogdan, a personal development trainer and creator of The Secrets of Personality online course, has over five years of field experience and conducting training sessions. Bogdan has presented at the Business Administration College, Toastmasters, Jobshop, and is the founder of Online Personality Tests, a project that helps people better understand themselves.


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Full Name: Vaida Bogdan


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