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Synopsis: Talented writers with a flair for capturing the hearts and minds of readers all over the world prove that ‘bestsellers’ can be enjoyed for free. Here, based on our readers’ choices, presents the Top 10 Fiction eBooks of 2013.


Carson City, NV  – One of the major players in today’s growing online publishing industry, is proud to present this year’s top 10 eBooks under the Fiction category.  Talented writers with a flair for capturing the hearts and minds of readers all over the world prove that ‘bestsellers’ can be enjoyed for free. Here, based on our readers’ choices, presents the Top 10 Fiction eBooks of 2013:


  1. Breathless

Romance, by Scott Prussing


With fans scrambling for next four books of the series, Scott Prussing may have created his “twilight” with Breathless!  Set in a small college in Connecticut, this page turner will keep you at the edge of your seat until the last page.



  1. Eternal Vows

Romance, by Chrissy Peebles


In Eternal Vows, Chrissy Peebles stirs our inner most thoughts and desires as she tells the story about Sara Larker. Trapped in a never ending web of lies and deceit set in the medieval times, Sara willingly assumes the identity of Princess Gloria. Marrying the king, slip on the ancient wedding ring that unlocks the portal home.


Will this lead to a clear path to home or leave her forever trapped in medieval times with the immortal king?



  1. A Deadly Suggestion

Fiction, by R.W. Williams


When a tragedy along a lonely stretch of highway at Interstate 5 opens the doors of mystery and intrigue, Detectives Trotman and Carver of the Washington State Patrol unravel one of the most frightening mass murder plots in U.S. history.


R.W. Williams gives readers a glimpse on what’s to come in his eBook, “A Deadly Suggestion” described by readers as a very good read!









  1. Call of the Herald

Sci-fi Fantasy, by Brian Rathbone


The first of two Sci-fis in this year’s top 10 list, fans are raving about how well written this eBook is! Page turner, enjoyable read, and interesting story idea were only but a few praises given my fans to Mr. Rathbone’s first instalment in his trilogy.


I personally can’t wait for the second eBook…



  1. Second Chance

Romance, by Greta Krafsig


A romantic eBook from Greta Krafsig with readers giving all praises.  All reviews agreed that this was well written despite of Ms. Krafsig’s unorthodox writing technique. But then again, it’s often a luxury for the reader to create their own ending when the authors can’t make up their minds.


I say, it’s a must read for readers who prefer to make their own ending… icon_smile


  1. Deep Crossing

Fiction, by E.R. Mason


One of only two Sci-fis featured in this year’s top 10 list, watch out for this author! E.R. Mason is definitely going places.  One fan compared Mr. Mason’s work to Clive Cussler and with this, I have to agree.


Most readers agree that this eBook is very well written after you overcome the first few pages of technical stuff, it definitely turned into a fast page turner!



  1. 48 hours in London

by J Jackson Bentley


In a nutshell, this gripping suspense drama tells the tale of ransom in exchange for a life.  Josh Hammond has 48 hours to come up with £250,000.00 and pay his unknown assailants or be wiped out from the face of the earth.


With nearly 10,000 download, 48 Hours in London proved to be a sure fire hit to readers worldwide.



  1. Searching for Sara

by Nona M. King


Born of a single mother in London’s working class, Sara yearned for a life in America.  Blessed to have followed such yearning, Sara sailed off to America which lead her to ever caring and gentle Christopher.  Could this be Sara’s American dream?  Or could this be the nightmare she never saw coming?



  1. A Knight from Dein

by Peter R Stone


Set in the medieval period,  “A Knight from Dein”  is a an epic fantasy adventure about a man caught between love, duty or family.



  1. 10.  Garland Roses

by Kathryn Reynolds


A maiden in distress whose life is in grave danger from a deadly stalker is swept off her feet by a rock star.


With over 12,000 downloads and nothing but praises from readers worldwide, one question stands out.  When will the next book come out?



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