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375 is a newly established sports lovers and it’s now live at – serving the sports addiction! is a newly established sports lovers and it’s now live at – serving
the sports addiction!

Designed to provide minute by minute sports news, targets
sports lovers of all age and gender.

With sports being their addiction, the owners of coverage for all
sports, namely basketball, baseball, football, Hockey, Soccer, and whole lot more.
Among the top sports news outlets that of tracks for breaking and

latest sports news, include:
ESPN Headlines / All Sports
Latest Headlines / All Sports
CNN/SI Headlines / All Sports
Blog Chatter / All Sports: (Wizbang Sports, Deadspin, etc.)

Not surprisingly, one of the factors that makes stands out above
the rest, according to Wendy Pierre, CEO of, is the fact they
provide what no one else does, and that is providing play by play sports news.
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