Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Body Makeup Artist Releases eBook on How to Effectively Spray Tan



Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Body Makeup Artist Releases eBook on How to Effectively Spray Tan

Kona Tanning Company, a successful tanning solutions company that has managed to establish itself in the cosmetic industry – even working with Victoria’s Secret – has released an eBook on how makeup artists, salons, tanning agencies, spas, stylists, and other players in the cosmetic service can apply tanning solutions effectively to their customers. Written by Celebrity Bronzer Katie Quinn, The Art of Airbrush Tanning is meant as a guide to effective application, as well as guidance on the best products and equipment to use with airbrush tanning.  With Australia announcing its ban on the use of tanning beds just last month, tanning fans everywhere will be seeking alternatives, meaning new tanning artists are already heading into training.


The eBook has just been released, and Kona Tanning Company encourages cosmetic service providers to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge gathered by this well-established company. Since 2005, Kona Tanning Company has worked hard to ensure the best tanning services, and for the past four years Co-Founder & CEO Katie Quinn has bronzed models for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. It is this experience, plus many others along the way that have made it possible for Kona Tanning to be the expert source on spray tanning, and the company now wishes to share that knowledge with others.

Spray tanning has fast emerged as the choice tanning option for many individuals. With spray tanning, one can choose the desired shade of color, and don’t have to wait for hours or days like UV tanning would require. In addition to a beautiful color, spray tanning has a moisturizing effect on the skin, and keeps any blemishes and tan lines hidden. For Kona Tanning, it is these and many other benefits that it offers to its clients through passion and dedication, qualities that have seen the company make a name for itself.

Kona Tanning Company has seen its rise afford it the opportunity to expand from airbrushed spray tanning and body contouring. Kona Tanning Company’s House Blend, the company’s flagship tanning solution, is now offered alongside other tanning preparation products, aftercare lotions and sprays, anti-aging products and bronzing makeup.

Service providers who buy the eBook have a lot of great advice to learn from, including tips on how to give the best airbrush sprays and body contouring.  “Airbrush tanning isn’t EASY, but it isn’t rocket science, either. We’ve all had a bad spray tan. Now, you’ll be able to offer the other end of the spectrum: a detailed, hand-applied, custom beauty treatment. Imagine having a professional makeup artist perfect your body in the same way they can perfect your face,” says Quinn, whose expert sunless tanning tips have been featured in mega magazines VOGUE, SELF, and SHAPE.

She continues: “Face contouring is the most noticed part of the tan, and the most seen part as well. This means many clients will judge their entire experience on how their face looks in the mirror as they’re leaving the studio. Use this technique as your final step for maximum emphasis, and watch your clients keep coming back, again and again.”  This is just some of the wisdom contained in the book, which also includes great information on how to handle any body features (scars, tummy tucks, skin folds) that usually pose a challenge during spray tanning.

When Kona Tanning Company was founded in 2005 by newlyweds Katie and Kenny, their focus was on one thing – providing expert airbrushed spray tanning and body contouring. This goal started when they made their homemade tanning solution, The Kona Tanning House Blend, the renowned tanning solution that has been applied on famous faces for editorials, television, film, and fashion shows. The company has made a name with fashion houses and media bigwigs, and their product can be found in luxury spas and salons worldwide.

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