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TheJudge, the longest-established and leading specialist broker of litigation funding and ATE insurance, has developed a new website specifically for competition and antitrust litigation:

The website has been designed to appeal to both competition and anti-trust litigators as well as their corporate clients and in-house counsel.

This niche website features relevant information and news regarding the latest competition and anti-trust cases worldwide and how these impact upon the litigation funding and ATE insurance market.

The site also includes video interviews with leading solicitors , for example Anthony Maton, Managing Partner of Hausfeld & Co LLP. Working at the leading antitrust litigation practice in Europe gives Mr Maton a unique insight into the current market for litigation funding and ATE insurance for competition and anti-trust cases. He shares his views on this and other subjects in a 20 minute interview with TheJudge Director, James Blick.

The website also features a short light hearted animated video which briefly explains the products and service available from a funding broker and how this system of securing litigation finance works for both the engaged solicitor and the client.


Five Specialist Litigation Funding Websites

In addition to the main website which focuses on general commercial litigation, each individual ‘terminal’ or sub-site has been tailored for a specialised area of law. These include: international arbitration, intellectual property (including patent litigation) and insolvency litigation (including security for costs bonds).

For further details regarding this specialist litigation funding site, visit:


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